Prescription – ON THE ROAD AGAIN (10ML/15ML)


Prescription – ON THE ROAD AGAIN (10ML/15ML)

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he “Voyage” ON THE ROAD AGAIN by CODAGE Prescription accompanies every traveler in his travels around the world. Time difference, temperature changes, air conditioning, pollution, … have harmful effects on the skin and are often synonymous with dehydration, dullness, drawn features or dark circles and accentuated pockets. The CODAGE experts have assembled the perfect formula of products in a passe-partout format, ideal for the trip!
This prescription contains: MICELLAR WATER 50 ML, SERUM N ° 01 – Intense Hydration – 10 ml, SERUM N ° 03 – Shine & Energy – 10 ml, Day Cream – Protective, Smooth & Radiance – 15 ml, Night Cream – Nourishing, Anti-Aging & Detoxifying – 15 ml